Founding Story

In 2005 the company owner's son joined Cub Scouts as a Tiger Cub. The owner was quickly "volunteered" to be Den Leader and became active in the Pack Committee. Through this experience the company owner found that the scouting experience was just as valuable as when he was a Cub and Boy Scout, but the challanges facing scouting units had changed drastically.

Communication was the first big issue. How do you co-ordinate and keep up-to-date a large number of members? Especially in today's world with both parents working and the kids participating in school and sporting events. Handouts at the Unit Meetings are great, but what about communication between these meetings or last minute changes? The traditional "phone tree" was certainly an option, but we all know how well that works.

Email seemed like an obvious choice! Surprisingly, not all members had an email account or checked their email on a regular basis. Not to mention the experience of sending an email to a large audience and having half the people "reply all" and filling up everyone's inbox. How do you make sure each leader has the up-to-date email list and doesn't accidentally miss someone?

Why not create a website for the unit where members could grab the information they needed as they needed it? An extensive search of the Internet found a few "offerings" that the owner could use, but none combined three key elements: reliability, required features, and affordability. Well silly... why not build your own website? While it would certainly be easy to build a simple website, a large number of questions arose.

  • Who would update the website? Probably just the creator.
  • Could all the leaders add content to the website? Probably not.
  • Could all the features be added? Sure, if the creator spent enough time. But isn't their time better spent with the scouts?
  • Who would take ownership of the site at a later date? Probably nobody
  • You get the idea...

It was clear that the idea of a unit website was good, but there were no good options available to create one. Thus the idea was born.

The company was started in 2005 while the owner kept his primary job. He found local scouting units were very interested in the idea of a turnkey hosted website service and were happy to describe their ideal website and its features as well as peform testing of the new service.

In early 2006, the owner left his regular paying day job to focus all his effort on bringing the myPack and myTroop hosted website service to market. The results of that effort are what you see today.